Garage doors services in Montreal, QC

At Portes RSM, we provide garage door service in Montreal and South Shore of Montreal as Napierville, Longueuil and region of Montérégie. Our team of expert consultants will be happy to help you for any kind of garage door repair, garage door services, garage door installation and preventive maintenance inspection. They are masters of all phases of installation and repair of every brand of garage door and garage door opener currently available in the market. Whether your needs are residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural, we'll provide you with quick, courteous service.

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Do you have a garage door problem? We have the solution!

Do you need a garage door opener repair because it is:

  • Not working correctly?
  • Making an unsettling noise?
  • Making your door open and close by itself?
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Do you need a garage door repair because it is:

  • Not closing properly?
  • Difficult to open?
  • Failing to reverse with the mechanical or photoelectric sensors?
  • Opening too slowly?
  • Stopping before it reaches the threshold?

If so, contact Portes RSM! We'll fix your problems quickly with close attention to quality and safety. Contact us at: 1-877-417-1118 or schedule your service repair or maintenance online!

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Here are some examples of garage door service in Montreal and South Shore Montreal, we can provide:

  • Broken or loose springs
  • Snapped or frayed cables
  • Twisted or broken rollers
  • Warped tracks
  • Damaged door sections
  • Preventive maintenance and safety inspections
  • Adjustment or replacement of parts
  • Noisy garage doors

No matter what the problem is, we'll restore your garage door to optimal working condition!

WHY choose us? Because we…

  • are certified Garaga Expert retailers, which is proof of our high level of professionalism
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  • are qualified, trained installers and technicians
  • hold the permits required by Building Regulations (RBQ)
  • know our products like the back of our hand and offer the wisest recommendations
  • are polite, fast and conscientious
  • are members of the Association des professionnels de la construction et de l'habitation du Québec (APCHQ), the Association de la construction du Québec and the Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de la Rive‑Sud (CCIRS);
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  • cover the residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors
  • serve Montreal, Rive‑Sud (Longueuil and the surrounding areas), Montérégie (Saint‑Jean‑sur‑Richelieu, Roussillon and the surrounding areas) and the Estrie
  • can be reached quickly online to schedule an appointment;
  • repair all brands of garage doors and garage door openers and replace all parts and accessories:
  • and, most of all, because we love what we do!

What you should know about residential garage door openers

Your garage door comes with a door opener system that's either belt‑driven (with a belt made of rubber reinforced with metallic threads) or chain‑driven (with a chain similar to that of a bicycle).

Both types of garage door openers work very well. However, the chain‑driven ones require a little more maintenance, as the chain must be lubricated at least twice a year. At Portes RSM, we use LiftMaster brand garage door openers because of their reliability and excellent performance. If, at some point you encounter a minor problem with your garage door opener, it will most likely be due to misalignment or obstruction of the photoelectric switching system or worn batteries in the garage door remote. Rest assured. For our expert technicians, these problems are easy to fix.

One of the most important features of a garage door opener is the automatic reversal system when the door is closing. Any time a person or object moves across the path of the door, it's crucial that the door opener's two safety mechanisms are working correctly. The first one is mechanical: the bottom of a lowering door comes in contact with an object, then the door reverses automatically. The second one is photoelectric. A person passes in front of the beam, and the door goes back up. These two reversal mechanisms must be checked at least twice a year. Don't simply rely on the fact that you have a door opener to open and close your door. Remember that a door opener can easily lift 100 kg (225 lb.) as it raises, but also has to hold back 100 kg as it lowers.

Another example is when there's a power failure and your garage door opener isn't equipped with a back‑up battery. You'll have to go inside your garage and activate the emergency release mechanism (the red cord) in order to open and close the door. It's important for this mechanism to be in good repair at all times so it will work correctly when you need it, saving you a lot of trouble in the event of an emergency.

Call Portes RSM for all your garage door and garage door opener needs in the areas of Montreal, Longueuil, Montérégie and Estrie. Our team will be happy to come to your home and check your garage door system, find the source of the problem, and quickly propose an effective solution. We also offer an annual preventive maintenance program, which includes a yearly inspection of your garage door system to keep it working at an optimum level. To schedule an appointment for maintenance or repair services, call us today at 1-877-417-1118.

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